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The Power of Saying Yes

January 7, 2013

I had a really interesting experience tonight and it all happened because I said “yes”.

A couple weeks ago, a playwright that I’ve worked with in the past asked me to do a first reading of a musical he was working on.  I wasn’t sure, but it was only one night and no rehearsals, and I wasn’t working that night, so I said yes.  When I got the script, I was unimpressed.  Add to that fact that I’d barely slept the last few days, so I was really just not in the mood to go half an hour outside of town to do a reading of a musical I didn’t really believe in, despite the fact that I was reading the lead role.

But once I got there, had some food and wine and sat down with the other actors to read the script, I was jazzed.  I was reading the lead of a new work for the first time that it was ever read aloud.  And it was so much better aloud than on the page (as most plays are).

The feedback I got from the other performers, the playwright, the composer, and the spectators was fantastic.  Not only did they think I captured the essence of the character, they started talking about having me sing as the character when they start recording the songs!  This was beyond anything that I’d anticipated.  After all, I’m moving to LA in 7 months and this was supposed to be a one night thing, and yet now, in the crazy chance that this musical develops, gets picked up (there’s already been some interest from a couple of local theatres) and goes somewhere, I could be with it from the ground level.

Lesson: When an opportunity arises, no matter how uninteresting it may seem, how tired you are, or how much you may think it’s unimportant, take a chance and say yes.  Who knows what possibilities may arise.


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