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The Right Energy

January 26, 2013

It is so incredibly important to be putting the right kind of energy into the universe.  If you want to achieve your goals, you cannot sit around doing nothing.  You have to work at it.  And the universe will recognize your hard work and reward you accordingly.


Once I decided to move to LA, I decided to stop auditioning for things here in Seattle and focus on producing my own work.  This meant working on a webseries that I’d been toying around with, editing the musical I’ve been writing, and trying to get some YouTube ideas off the ground.  Now, not all of these have worked out like I’d planned.  But some are!  With great feedback from other artists I’ve been talking about them with.

And now people are starting to come to me with projects.  I was offered the opportunity to get paid to record the demo for a new musical.  Another friend approached me about putting up a cabaret before I move.  And I got an offer to have my reel done for free.

None of this would be happening if I wasn’t constantly talking, facebooking, tweeting, emailing, everything about the projects I’m working on, about moving to LA, about art in general.  Because I’m putting artistic energy out into the universe, it’s being recognized by other artists and returned to me.

It is essential for artists to create, to be continually working on their art.  Essential?

What energy are you putting out there?


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