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One Month Check-In

January 31, 2013

Well, January has FLOWN by, hasn’t it?  So much has happened over the last month, so I wanted to sort of check in with the progress of my goals and analyze them a little bit.  In some areas, I did great, in others, not so much.  I was, however, working 40 hr work weeks for the first time, so that was new and exciting.  But let’s look at my three month goals, shall we?

Attend the gym 3x a week: I went once during the month of January.  Pitiful.  There were some medical things I was dealing with, but seriously, very bad.  But my work schedule is going to be fairly regular next month, so I anticipate great strides in this area.

Create my reel: Well, I’d originally thought, I was going to be putting this on indefinite hold until I moved to LA, but then a friend offered to do it for free! So, this is well on it’s way!

Start a YouTube channel devoted to complex and interesting mashups: This is an idea that I’ve had to let go of temporarily, sadly.  Between my work schedule, limited interest/availability from other participants, and thinking that it would suck to start it up only to have to leave it behind, I’ve shelved this goal for now.  More on that in a later post.

Begin prepping for LA: Well, although this is vague, it is certainly well under way!  I have a lead on an apartment down there, as well as several couch surfing options.  I have a savings account and a plan in place.  I’ve found buyers for some of my furniture, and I’ll be selling it all off and moving out of my apartment to couch surf at the end of March, so the savings are underway.  The more specific goal now becomes Finding a Car.

Blog at least 3x a week: I blogged an average of twice a week this month, but it wasn’t enough, as some posts were over a week apart.  I will do better moving forward!

Do a reading of the musical I wrote (after editing it, of course): No progress on this front, although I have written four out of six episodes of a webseries, so I am active creatively!  But yes, I do need to get going on this.

Slowly wean myself off of soda and processed snack foods: I think I’m starting to do this.  I’m certainly eating more fruits and vegetables than I was before.  I know I’m going to be drinking quite a bit of soda and eating snacks next month, since I’ll be doing inventory and working overnights, but I think I can commit to still trying to continue to wean during that process.

So, all in all, I’m feeling pretty good about my goals.  I know where I need to improve, and that’s always great knowledge to have!

Here’s to an awesome February!


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  1. Markus permalink

    So proud of you! I think that you just need to switch what kinds of snacks you eat. Also, consider trying fruit juices. You’ll probably spend less money if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

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