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Smash!: Delightful but Doomed

March 15, 2013

NBC has announced that they are moving Smash to Saturday nights starting in April.  The show isn’t doing well in the ratings, and a move to Saturday nights isn’t likely to help. NBC has also announced that they will air all 17 episodes of Season 2.  Translation: No Season 3.

I can’t say that I’m surprised.  While the show has talent coming out of it’s ass (Megan Hilty, Katharine McPhee, Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Christian Borle, Anjelica Huston, Jeremy Jordan and a host of notable guest stars), the story has never been very good.

Season 1 held my interest because I really enjoyed watching a show come together, despite how unrealistic it all was.  But the music was phenomenal and the choreography was breathtaking.  Season 2 has better storylines for the characters, but the joy of watching a show come together is no longer there for me.  At least not so far this season.  It’s been very schizophrenic, between “Bombshell” maybe or maybe not going to Broadway and a new play from Jeremy Jordan’s character.  It’s just a lot going on and I feel like Katharine McPhee’s character: torn between the two projects.  I’d much rather they focus the story on one or the other.

It does make me sad to see it go, though.  This type of show is my dream job.  These actors get to work in series television, and they get to SING while doing it!  But Smash gets it wrong where Glee gets it right.  Glee capitalizes on the most current music, which they’re able to advertise.  Smash’s music is mostly original and doesn’t pander (which I appreciate, but isn’t great as a marketing tool).  Glee also targets a younger demographic which is more forgiving of bad writing or convoluted plot devices.  Smash’s audience is older and a bit wiser.

I’ll be watching Smash til the very end, soaking up every performance (bring back Jennifer Hudson!) and hoping that more shows like it are in the works.


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