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Revolution Returns! But will it last?

March 27, 2013

ImageNBC’s Revolution returned this week after a four month hiatus…and it came back strong.  But I wonder if it’s strong enough to survive to a second season.

Revolution is the latest in a line of shows that have attempted to recreate what Lost had.  But audiences are impatient after Lost.  Lost kept us in the dark about so much for so long that audiences are wary about shows that have too many secrets right off the bat.  Shows like Flash Forward and The Event played their cards close to the vest and audiences lost interest, despite interesting premises.

At first, it seemed as though Revolution was going to do the same thing.  The first few episodes really didn’t focus on what had turned the power off and more on establishing the world as it is now.  But I think they realized quickly that audiences would only care about the present if they knew more about the past.  So the last few episodes before the hiatus really amped up the story and were significantly more suspenseful and informative than the previous ones.

And it seems as though this will continue.  With this week’s return, they’ve killed a main character, introduced a new villain, and given us another mystery.  However, in the teaser for the rest of season 1, they’ve also told us that they will reveal how the lights went out and how they will get turned back on before the season is out.  This is what will save the show and give it a season 2.  By putting it all out there (or at least most of it), they will be able to keep the audience engaged in the present because we’ll know what happened in the past and how it affects events in the future.


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