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Obsessed with The Voice

April 5, 2013



I never thought I’d say this, but I LOVE The Voice.  I just started watching Season 4, having never seen the show before, but I love the format, I love the interaction between the judges (Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton), and I love how much it truly is about THE VOICE and not someone’s look or what they’re doing on stage with their body.  

I’m completely against this type of show.  I watched the third season of American Idol avidly.  I voted and everything.  And then I got incredibly emotional when La Toya London got voted out.  She was head and shoulders more talented than the remaining three contestants and should have taken the grand prize.  I’m still baffled how Fantasia won.

American Idol and most shows like it are a popularity contest.  It’s not actually about how talented someone is, how hard they work, if they have star quality.  It’s about how many votes the audience can give them.  And the audience, sadly, rarely knows a good singer from a bad one.  Especially younger viewers who will likely vote based on how cute someone is more than whether or not they can actually sing.

So ever since then, I’ve studiously avoided shows like this.  X-Factor, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance….if it’s talent based, I’m not watching it.  Then one night last week, Hulu recommended The Voice and I was like, “What the hell….I’ll watch it.”

And. I. Loved. It.

It’s so much fun to play along and close my eyes and see if I would turn my chair or not.  I even try to tune out when they’re showing what I like to call the “sob story” that is meant to make audiences care about the contestants. By tuning them out, I can focus on just their voices and then I’m as surprised as the judges when I open my eyes.

Again, I’ve never watched the show before, so there is still room to be disappointed by the end of the season.  But if it continues this way….I may just audition for this one.


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