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Renewals and Cancellations Update

May 11, 2013


After a few weeks of waiting, the networks have finally released some of the shows they’re renewing or canceling.  Here are some highlights:

Body of Proof: CANCELED

I never watched the show, but I like Dana Delaney and hope she finds a new show quickly.


I predicted this one a while back.  As the second season has progressed, Jimmy has gotten whinier, Karen has gotten more annoying, Tom’s and Julia’s characters no longer make sense, and only Megan Hilty is worth watching anymore.  I’ll still watch the rest of the season to finish it out, but I’m not surprised by this decision.

Revenge: RENEWED

I’m so happy about this!  Season 2 was not nearly as strong as Season 1.  Emily/Amanda’s mission seemed to get lost this past season as nearly everyone on the show developed their own revenge plot.  That said, I will watch Madeleine Stowe plot for another season gladly.

Scandal: RENEWED

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this show, so I’m not surprised it’s been renewed.  This is definitely a show I’ll be catching up on this summer.

Grey’s Anatomy: RENEWED

Haven’t watched this show in a few years….when will it end?

Defiance: RENEWED!!!

This is the announcement I’m most excited about.  I started watching this one a couple weeks ago, and am super impressed by the concept, execution, and cinematic quality of the show.  It makes me wish I played the video game, so I could get the whole story.  Can’t wait to see where this fascinating show goes!

BONUS: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Given Series Order

Yes!  This has been in the works since The Avengers became one of the best reviewed and highest grossing blockbusters of all time, finally giving Joss Whedon the leverage he deserved in Hollywood.  Now Clark Gregg will reprise his role from the film to lead the Whedon-produced action series.  Cannot wait for this!!


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  1. Love me som Shonda Rimes. So happy to see her shows renewed. Though as a recent watcher of West Wing, Scandal has a lot to live up to. Get rid of the President on Scandal and that show would be so much more interesting.

    • I’m going to be starting on West Wing soon. Such a good show. Can’t wait to start catching up on Scandal!

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