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Goals Update

June 4, 2013

At the beginning of the year, I set a list of goals for the year and broke them down into 3 month segments.  After one month, I checked back in on those goals.  After that, I forgot about them. I got busy with work, and projects, and life and didn’t keep them in mind.  And I really regret that.  If I’d kept to them, I’d have more money in the bank, and be in significantly better shape.  That said, those things didn’t happen.  And instead of dwelling on them, I’m going to set new goals and start checking in on them.  My old list of goals disappeared with my old hard drive, so I get to create a new set.  Some will be the same, and some different.


New Goals for the rest of 2013:

Move to LA

Before moving, get into very good shape

Every day, whether I work or not, do something artistic, whether that be writing, working on learning music, working on monologues, creating a video….just something to keep my artistry alive and kicking

After moving, start to explore the area and the industry.  Maybe go on some auditions.


Goals for the next 4 months

Exercise at least 4x a week

Get the reel from the friend who promised to do it for me

Finish rehearsing a mashup and post it

Keep expenses down (I start couch surfing this week) and start searching for a car

Blog at least once a week

Continue filming my webseries (more info on that soon!)

Eat healthier


While some of these are vague, I think there are tools to help me commit to them.  I recently read the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.  While it focuses highly on the business world, there are a number of things I learned from this book:

Write Down Goals (check!): be specific, create timelines, and work backward

Be bold – take chances

Do your research

Create a list of those you want to meet – and whom you already know, then get to know those you don’t know by knowing the people who know them.

Be nice to the assistant – they have power!

A good way to get to know people is by volunteering to help organize conferences in your chosen field. (I love this one and can’t wait to start doing this when I get to LA)

Know who you want to meet at conferences. (The folks at the Inside Acting Podcast refer to this as using a sniper rifle instead of a shotgun.)

A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him.” (This means that everyone has something to teach you, no matter who they are.  Be a student of the universe and you’ll go far.)

Be a switchboard – connect people and they’ll do the same.

Find a mentor.

Lots of great ideas and good things to always keep in mind.  Time to focus.


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