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Why I Won’t Watch Elementary Anymore

June 18, 2013


So….I’m all about reinvention.  I like reinventing mythology.  And that’s why I was on board with CBS’ reinvention of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.  I was fine with the change to New York, the gender change of Watson, the absence of Mycroft and Lestrange, because at least there was still Irene Adler and Moriarty.

 And then they decided to make Moriarty and Irene the same person.

 Now don’t get me wrong.  I love a good twist.  And making Moriarty and Irene the same person is genius television.  And Natalie Dormer is the perfect person to play both roles. Yet as I watched them reveal that Irene was Moriarty, it just felt….wrong.  It went beyond reinvention.  It was like they took the core of Sherlock Holmes and twisted it into something unrecognizable. 

 Maybe they did that when the reinvented the show in the first place.  I’m sure there are those that would say that the mere fact that Watson was a woman was an abomination, especially those purists who are madly in love with the BBC version.  Yet while Sherlock is a modern adaptation, it remains true to the canon, and respects the source material.  I don’t feel that Elementary treated the source material with the same respect.  They sacrificed tradition for shock.  In some instances, I’d be ok with that.  In this one, I’m not.


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