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My Arrested Development

July 2, 2013


I finally got around to watching the newest season of Arrested Development on Netflix.  And I have really mixed feelings about it.

I loved the original show, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, that I had trouble remembering what all had happened, so I was confused at the beginning.  Then, of course, the format of the show was also rather confusing.

As the show jumped around from character to character each episode, it gave us a glimpse of what had happened with them over the last five years, but because of how it jumped around and intersected, I found it very difficult to follow when certain things were happening.  I was thinking that Lucille’s trial was much later than it was and didn’t realize that she was in a low security prison until about halfway through the season.  Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention, but I found those types of things incredibly confusing.

That said, how the characters’ storylines interacting in so many different ways was fascinating to me.  Learning that Maeby was actually the guru that Lindsay saw in India was a great reveal, and keeping us guessing as to whom it was the Gob was sleeping with for so long was fantastic when it was finally revealed.

While the format made the timeline a little confusing, I thoroughly enjoyed the season.  Although, with no official plans to go forward, they sort of left everything very cliff-hanger-y, so if the show ends there, there will be a lot of unresolved storylines for the fans.


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