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I’m Awake

July 6, 2013

ImageHave you guys heard about the show Awake?  Probably not.  It was a show that only made it 13 episodes in 2011 as a midseason replacement.  But I’m sad it didn’t continue….cuz it was real good y’all.  

So here’s the premise. Michael (Jason Isaacs in a ridiculously masterful performance), and his family were in a car accident, and either his wife or son died…depending on his reality of the day.  He wakes up and he’s with his wife.  He goes to bed, wakes up the next morning, and his son is alive.  And he has therapists in each reality.  And as a detective, he has cases in each reality.  And the cases give him clues to the cases in the other realities.  It’s incredibly fascinating….and just a tad confusing, which is why I think it didn’t fly.  Perhaps on a cable channel, but not a network one.  

[SPOILER ALERT: If your interest is piqued, go watch the show before reading the rest of this post.]

That said, the way the realities cross over toward the end of the season is nothing short of brilliant.  All throughout the season, we learn that the accident was actually an attempted murder by a trio of dirty cops, one of them his own very conflicted captain (Laura Innes), who have been stealing heroin.  At the end of the season, he learns things about this conspiracy in one reality that help him in the other as he makes each of the dirty cops pay for killing his family in both realities.  The interweaving is intricate, well thought out, and plays out perfectly.

And then the show throws you for a complete loop before ending forever.  Michael wakes up out of one reality, knowing that he is in the real one now.  And then wakes up again.  And both his family members are alive.  Now, the creators of the show have stated that it is not a Dallas/Newhart type ending – it is far more likely that Michael’s brain has broken further and he is in a new reality of his own devastated brain’s creation than that his family has been alive the whole time and he was just dreaming.

But since the show was canceled, that’s what I prefer to think.  As much as I would have liked to see where the show went with this new reality, since we’ll never know, I like to imagine that Michael was sleeping the entire time, possibly in a coma, and he woke up to find his family completely whole.

Probably just a dream of mine, but the show is over, so I’ll never have to wake up.


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  1. Yes, I was very aware of this show – saw every episode. Loved it.

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