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Sleepy Hollow

September 17, 2013


Last night I watched the series premiere of Sleepy Hollow, a new retelling of the classic tale on FOX. I was not impressed.

I’ll admit, I went into it expecting it to be bad, and I will say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but ultimately, I don’t think it will work.

There’s no time wasted setting up anything as we’re immediately thrown into a Revolutionary War battle, where Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), a Brit turned pro-American is fighting the Headless Horseman, who incidentally, is rarely on a horse and still has his head and looks like a cross between Bane from The Dark Knight Rises and Jason from Friday the 13th.  Said horseman quickly loses his head, of course, and then both characters are transported to modern day.

Both Ichabod and the horseman (who turns out to be the first horseman of the apocalypse, Death) adapt with alacrity to their new surroundings.  The horseman moves quickly from using an axe to a shotgun, and then a machine gun.  He has remarkably good aim for one without a head.  Ichabod quickly notices the amount of Starbucks on every corner (even though a town of Sleepy Hollow’s size would be unlikely to have so many so close together) and takes every advancement in stride, including the emancipation of slaves.

Ichabod quickly forms a bond with African American police officer Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), hence the slavery reference.  I’m glad they actually acknowledged it instead of ignoring the topic, and it sets up a nice rapport between the two main characters.

That’s about all the show has going for it though.  Ichabod’s wife was a good witch who is stuck in a kind of limbo, but can help him defeat Death and any other horseman that comes along, but accordingly to prophesy, it will take seven years (so, FOX thinks they’ll get seven seasons out of this one, eh?).  But what will happen then?  Will they stop the apocalypse?  Because if you’re buying into the idea that the Four Horsemen are real, then Revelation is real, and there’s really no stopping it.  Seems like there’s going to be a “freak of the week” setup, with Ichabod and Mills taking down members of the bad witch coven while attempting to stop the inevitable.

Sleepy Hollow has its moments, and some are genuinely funny.  And they killed off the two biggest names they had as guests stars, Clancy Brown and John Cho, just to show that no one is safe.  So that will add to the suspense.  But overall, the show was much as I suspected: overreaching, predictable, and lame.


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One Comment
  1. Markus permalink

    So despite your review…which was very well done BTW…I’m still going to watch it. At least it’ll be remotely entertaining 🙂

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