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The Best Webseries Part 2

September 29, 2013


So, as I continue plugging away at my own webseries, I’ve been checking out even more, so here’s some other great webseries to check out.  See the first part of this series here.

The Guild

This one has been around for a while, with six complete seasons and will likely not be returning for a seventh.  It is one of the definitive webseries of all time, paving the way for many others.  It was created and written by Felicia Day of Buffy and Dr. Horrible fame, and centers around a group of gamers who play a game together online that is very reminiscent of World of Warcraft.  Each character has their own quirks and eccentricities that make them fun to watch, but for me the ones that stand out are Clara (Robin Thorsen) and Tink (Amy Okuda).  Clara is a mother of three, but she’s probably the worst mother in the world – but in a hilarious way.  She’s kind of ditzy and has no impulse control, which leads to a lot of great non-sequiturs. Tink, on the other hand, is a total loner with seemingly no conscience, who wants no one in the group to know her real name or anything about her, and is always ready with a witty retort.  There are some jokes that go over my head as a non gamer, but the series is definitely worth watching whether you game or not.

Hustling Series

This series was created, written, directed by and starring Sebastian La Cause, a Broadway performer, who brought additional Broadway talent like Daphne Rubin-Vega along with him in this portrayal of a gay-for-pay porn star and hustler trying to find a different path in life. The show has two full seasons so far and I believe a third will be airing soon.  The series is not very fast paced, but is compelling nonetheless. It is fascinating to watch this individual try to escape the life he’s built for himself, but find himself coming up empty at every turn.

Jon and Jen are Married

This webseries is a short one season of 8 episodes and is so totally twisted.  Jon and Jen are married, and they’re bored. So they kidnap a grown man and “adopt” him as their son…and that’s really all I can say.  Their antics are outrageous and escalate over the course of the season and come full circle by the end of the show.  Highly enjoyable.

A Series of Unfortunate People

This series employs the same actors throughout the entire season, but each episode is self contained, featuring different characters in unique heightened situations.  Again, there is only one season of 8 episodes, but it is so unique and wonderful, I could watch it over and over again.  From the therapist who needs an intervention for over-diagnosing her friends, to the woman who takes budgeting to a psychotic level, these characters are exaggerated versions of people we all know and love to hate.  Created by Beth Shea and Leyna Weber, I can’t recommend this show enough.

Unit 301

Created by and starring Todrick Hall of Beauty and the Beat, Cinderfella, The Wizard of Ahhhs, and Cinderonce fame, this webseries features a group of individuals who have been swindled into sharing a tiny apartment together. There are only four episodes so far, and I’m guessing the delay in more comes from Todrick’s many many other projects.  Fun to check out, and hopefully more to come.

Web Therapy

This show is also not anything new. Lisa Kudrow, the creator and star, came up with this improvisational vehicle several years ago and it has really blossomed.  She stars as Fiona Wallice, a therapist with no formal training who believes that three minute sessions produce far better work than traditional fifty minute sessions, even though she is really only doing the sessions to promote herself to become rich and famous.  The series has a slew of famous guest stars including Courteney Cox, Steven Weber, Natasha Bedingfield, Molly Shannon, Conan O’Brien and even Meryl Streep.  There are currently four seasons available online, and Showtime has taken the show and converted a number of the webisodes into a TV show and added more content as well, making three seasons of actual television.  I’m not usually a fan of long form improvisation, as it can go off the rails rather easily, but this really works well. I can’t wait to see what Showtime has added to the already brilliant web content.


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