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How Miley Cyrus Changed My Mind

October 9, 2013


I recently watched SNL‘s latest episode where Miley Cyrus was the host and musical guest. I went in incredibly skeptical, because as anyone who knows me can tell you, I’ve been Anti-Miley for a while now.

I was largely indifferent to her for most of her career, with the occasional guilty pleasure enjoyment of some of her bigger pop hits.  Then came the VMAs, and the world exploded in outrage about her over the top, overly sexual performance with Robin Thicke.

And I was right on board with them.  That performance was outrageous. It was lewd, it was inappropriate, it was downright obscene. And that’s when I jumped on the train of “Miley is screwing up her life and being cray cray.” I mean, the evidence was all there.  The awkward photos with her father. The tattoos, the short hair, the wackadoo behavior. All signs pointed to complete break before the age of 25.

So I tuned in to SNL to watch the train wreck continue, and was completely surprised.  The show started off with Miley completely making fun of herself and her performance, which was refreshing (although her obvious use of the teleprompter was kind of distracting during the opening sketch).  It was nice to see that she’s well aware of the impact her performance had and was able to not take herself too seriously.

Then came the music video mocking the government shutdown by filming a parody of Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” video, with Miley as an overly sexual Michele Bachmann and really brilliantly recreated the original video to make fun of the Tea Party. 

But what really turned me around on Miley was watching her sing. I’m not a huge fan of her voice (it’s really suited for country, but clearly she has other plans), but at the end of each performance, she had this amazing smile on her face and there was something about it that made my heart melt for her. There was such a sense of innocence, joy and gratitude on it.  This is clearly a girl who is ecstatic that she gets to sing for a living and is still a little bit in awe that her dream has come true.  There was no attitude, no posturing, no outrageous statements or behavior.  Simply a girl who was happy.

Don’t get me wrong, she still has some issues to work through.  But she has time.  She’s young. And hopefully she’ll work through her shit to become the artist that she definitely has the potential to be.

Twerk* on, Miley.


*For the record, Miley didn’t actually twerk at the VMA’s. Look it up.  You’ll see I’m right.


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