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The Tomorrow People

October 11, 2013


When I first saw the promos and the press for The Tomorrow People, CW’s remake of a 70s show, I immediately thought, “Oh great, an X-Men ripoff.”  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Wednesday night’s premiere had me totally captivated by its originality and compelling storytelling.  Also, super powers are cool.

There are, of course, some similarities to the X-Men we all know and love.  The “tomorrow people” have powers, yes, but they are not individual to each person.  They all have the same three powers, the three T’s: telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. The powers are genetic mutations, like the characters in the Marvel universe, and there is an opposing force seemingly seeking to enslave all those with this genetic anomaly. The Tomorrow People, however, are currently underground, unlike most of the mutants in the X-Men.

The story centers around one man in particular, Stephen (Robbie Amell), whose powers are just emerging and whose life has changed dramatically because of it.  He is disbelieving at first (of course), but once he starts to accept it, begins to master his newfound abilities with ease, leading to a dramatic moment where he displays a new power none of the other Tomorrow People have. 

There are other twists and turns that I won’t spoil, but for a show that I’d been largely dismissive of, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  The acting and writing aren’t necessarily the greatest, but they aren’t distracting, and the pilot sets up conflicts all around that will be interesting to explore as the series progresses.  Some, certainly, will be juvenile – Stephen is in high school, after all, but it would appear that it’s unlikely that the high school will feature too prominently in the world the show has created, especially since Stephen’s best friend, Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) looks like she graduated high school at least five years ago.

What really pulls me in is a family dynamic that I can’t describe in too much detail. Suffice to say, Stephen will be navigating some muddy waters filled with internal conflict in the near future. If the secrets unfold as they did in the pilot, this show will keep me guessing and interested for seasons to com


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