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Mindy Project: Adam Pally is awesome, Mindy’s love life is not

January 30, 2014


While The Mindy Project is on hiatus for a few months, I want to take the opportunity to bring up the fact that Adam Pally is the best thing to happen to the show this season.  The show was funny last year, and the introduction of Ike Barinholtz as male nurse Morgan Tookers took the show to an even funnier level (I laugh out loud at almost everything that comes out of that man’s mouth).  And Pally’s frat boy OBGYN Peter Prentice takes the show even higher.

One might lament the lack of female comics on the show, since Mindy Kaling is surrounded by men and the other women on the show (Beth Grant, Zoe Jarman, Xosha Roquemore) are relegated to one-liner status. However, I think that is why the show succeeds where it might otherwise fail. Both medicine and comedy are primarily male-driven fields, and Mindy Kaling certainly came from a heavily male dominated show (The Office) before getting her own.  Mindy’s particular brand of comedy, I think, stems from being surrounded by men. She plays off all of them beautifully, from her office nemesis-turned-romantic interest(?) Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), to the British lothario with whom she used to hook up, Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks), to the aforementioned Barinholtz, who steals nearly every scene he is in.

So while I was a little surprised that they’d introduce yet another male lead to the show, I was very pleasantly surprised with Pally. He brings an energy to the show that wasn’t there before. He isn’t uptight like Danny, or sleazy like Weeks, or insane like Morgan. He is, basically, a dude. Which is wonderful. It was exactly what the show needed. Not that there weren’t enough ways to annoy Mindy already, but his contribution to the show is very much welcome.

While I’m talking about the show, I should mention the very big development that happened right before the show took its midseason break: Mindy and Danny kissing for the first time.  I mean, this has been building since the show began. In a show where the main character is obsessed with chick flicks, naturally, she’s going to end up with the colleague who is her polar opposite and gets on her nerves all the time.  And as a fan, I’ve been rooting for the two of them to get together since the beginning.

I’m intrigued to see how they play it out, though. In the past, Mindy’s relationships have tended to end rather abruptly for my taste. There was Josh (Tommy Dewey), the hot sports guy who cheated on her with several women; Casey (Anders Holm), the minister who had to find himself; and most recently, Cliff (Glenn Howerton), the divorce attorney who broke up with her because she went to a party with Casey. All of these relationships seemed to be going along just fine, when all of a sudden something happened to disrupt them.  I can see the Danny/Mindy pairing going one of two ways: (1) Danny and Mindy begin a whirlwind romance that quickly crashes and burns, setting up hilarious interactions between the two of them at work for at least a season before they get back together for good, or (2) Mindy is immediately against the idea of dating Danny, resulting in awkward and hilarious office interactions for another season or so before she finally gives in and dates him, resulting in (1).

I mean, either way, by the end of the series, she’s going to end up with Danny, like Ross and Rachel, or Castle and Beckett, or Booth and Bones. It’s destiny. I just can’t wait to see what shenanigans the gang on The Mindy Project get up to along the way.

Is it April yet?


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