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The Following Faked Me Out

January 31, 2014


Ever since the end of the first season of The Following, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the second season. I mean, they killed almost every main character in the first season, and were setting things up for Emma (Valorie Curry) to take over as the big bad for Season 2.

But Season 2 started with even more surprises than I could have imagined. First, and probably least surprising, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) is alive.  Even though we watched him get blown up at the end of the first season, it was almost predictable that they’d find a way around that.  Part of me is excited to see his character continue, but a larger part is a little disappointed, since they could’ve waited longer to reveal that he survived.

Then, there are new murders taking place by killers in Joe Carroll masks, but Emma isn’t behind them! There’s a new guy, played by Sam Underwood, who turns out not just to be a creepy new killer, but twin creepy new killers! (Guess he took some lessons from Dexter, huh?)

Meanwhile, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) wants nothing to do with the case, or so he tells the FBI, but secretly, he’s been tracking Joe Carroll for the last year and is finally getting close.

Speaking of the FBI, does anyone else think that the new FBI female detective, Mendez (Valerie Cruz), looks creepily similar to last season’s FBI female detective, Debra Parker (Annie Parisse)? I had to do a triple take.

The biggest fakeout for me, however, is that at the end of the first episode, we see someone in a Joe Carroll mask standing in front of a mirror. He takes off the mask….and it’s Ryan Hardy!!!  I nearly flipped my shit.  Is Ryan Hardy committing murder now? Did he turn into a killer? Or is he doing it to catch Joe? What is going on???

Well, about a third into the next episode we learn that Hardy actually got the mask from one of the killers that he tracked down. Ugh! Way to tease us, Following.

While the show’s ratings are down this season from last, it already has me hooked.  I can’t wait to see what Carroll and his followers get up to in the coming weeks.


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