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2014 Cancellations Part 3: Revolution and Mixology

May 18, 2014



I really enjoyed this show the first season. Watching a power struggle over a world without electricity, and one group’s attempt to get it turned back on was interesting.  Season two, however, was not as exciting. People kept switching alliances all season, and there were these supernatural/sci-fi elements that didn’t quite fit the world that was created. I couldn’t make a formal prediction, but I watched without enthusiasm this season, so that should have been a clue it wouldn’t survive.



It breaks my heart that this show was canceled. It was a high concept show with a large cast for a half hour comedy with no laugh track, so it had its work cut out for it. But that cast was so very good.

Alexis Carra as single mother Jessica trying to have one fun night, Vanessa Lengies as perky waitress Casey, and Ginger Gonzaga as maneater Maya were the real standouts for me.  Every single cast member held their own, but these three really made me excited to watch as they dealt with men they don’t want, men they do, and awkward situations that could only happen in a New York bar.

Ultimately, I think the show was too high concept for network TV. Creators Jon Lucas and Scott Moore may have written a comedic classic with The Hangover, but that too had a high concept that worked well for film. If The Hangover had been a TV show, would it have been nearly as successful? Doubtful.

That said, I am really disappointed to see it go. I watched 20+ shows this season, and this one made my top 5 list for “most excited to watch every week” for sure. I can’t wait to see what each of these amazing actors does next.


Both shows take their final bows on Wednesday, May 21st.


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