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Summer TV 2014

May 19, 2014


It’s that time of year again: time for the networks to trot out the shows they think will keep us entertained while we wait for our favorites to come back.  I’ve already mentioned 24: Live Another Day, which will conclude in July.  Here are the other shows I think might be worth watching this summer. Interesting enough, they’re all on NBC.



John Malkovich as Blackbeard. Need I say more? This is the second pirate show of the year, after Starz had success with Black Sails. I anticipate Crossbones will meet with success as well.  Blackbeard is ruling over a small island with greater plans. A surgeon who is loyal to the British crown is captured and attempts to learn Blackbeard’s plans and thwart them, while coerced into working for the pirate. I will be watching weekly with rum in my glass.

Crossbones premeires May 30th at 10PM on NBC



I’m on the fence about this one. Summer comedies typically don’t do well and the pilot for this looks a little weak. However, it is one of the very very few shows this summer that even piqued my interest a little bit. A weekly sitcom in which a group of unlucky-in-loves converge in a bar to discuss their hapless love lives, mock each other for them, and then help them through these tough times and help them get unstuck and find the love they seek.  Could be fun, but I’ll be surprised if it pulls out a second season.

Undateable premieres May 29th at 9PM on NBC.


The Maya Rudolph Show

I’m super excited about this! Maya Rudolph doing a variety show! I don’t think this would be possible without the success of Hollywood Game Night last summer, which continues to thrill. Maya and her pals (including some familiar faces from SNL) will sing, dance, do sketches, who knows what else! I don’t know if America is ready for a variety show again (it’s been a while), but we know Neil Patrick Harris will be watching to see what works and what doesn’t, since he wants one of his own. Rudolph’s show is only a one-night event, but it could become a regular airing show if it does well. Here’s hoping!

The Maya Rudolph Show airs May 19th at 10PM on NBC.



I was going to include this in my summer watch list, but I’ve already seen the first episode and it’s not all that great.  Also testing the Hollywood Game Night formula (the theme music is eerily similar), four regular comedians plus two guest comedians per week try their comedy chops in impov challenges.  I laughed a few times, but improv is very hit and miss, and this one is a definite miss. The ratings agree and I suspect it will be cut from the summer schedule shortly.

Riot airs Tuesdays at 9PM on FOX


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