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2014 Upfronts Part 3: FOX

June 7, 2014



FOX only has five new shows premiering in the fall, and they are:


I am so excited for this!! Ever since Smallville, I’ve been waiting for a live action Batman-related show. This one will focus mostly on Commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the Gotham City PD and will feature the origins of the heroes and villains we know and love, some of them as kids. It could fail miserably, but I’m really hoping it does well.

Gotham will air on Mondays at 8pm.


Duh, I’ll be watching this. A 10 episode adaptation of the hit UK drama Broadchurch, and starring David Tennant (also from Broadchurch). I’m not sure what made Tennant want to basically play the same role in the same story all over again on a different continent, but I’m not complaining. The man has never made a bad career decision in his life, so I’m betting that even if it doesn’t make it to a second season, Gracepoint will be well worth watching.

Gracepoint will air on Thursdays at 9pm.


For a show by comedians, about comedians, starring comedians, one would think I would have laughed during the trailer. I smiled twice. Apparently the star, John Mulaney, also does stand up at the beginning of the episodes. Now…where have I seen this before? Ripoff. Not funny. Go home.

Mulaney will air on Sundays at 9:30pm.

Red Band Society

It’s high school, but in a hospital. And it’s an hour long comedy. Not even Octavia Spencer can get me to watch this show.

Red Band Society will air on Wednesdays at 9pm.


This sounds so bad. And I feel like it’s been done before. Fifteen strangers from all different walks of life leave their homes and lives to live in a society that they get to create together. You can watch weekly, or check in online to follow what they’re doing. And the show is currently casting to bring more people to this “Utopian” society. Gross.

Utopia will air on Tuesdays at 8pm and on Fridays at 9pm.

The following shows will premiere in the spring (or jump into the fall if something fails).


Police procedural starring Rainn Wilson as an investigator who is a shambles of a human being. He drinks, goes to strip clubs, etc. Normally this is countered by him being really good at his job, but the trailer gives no such indication. I’m gonna guess it doesn’t survive a first season.


This animated show isn’t created by Seth MacFarlane, but he’s a producer, and Alex Borstein does at least one of the voices. A satire about race relations near the US-Mexico border, I expect a lot of racist humor that isn’t really very funny.


Oh, I will so be watching this. An all star creative team (Lee Daniels, Danny Strong, Brian Grazer), an amazing cast including Terrance Howard, Taraji P Henson and Gabourey Sidibe, and original music by Timbaland. And a gay character to boot! Oh right, the plot. Howard is a music mogul who is diagnosed with a fatal disease. His ex-con ex-wife and his three sons, the company’s CFO, a playboy hip hop artist, and a gay soulful R&B singer all want to take over his legacy. The show sets itself up for a three year run right at the top, and I certainly hope it will make it.


You had me at Ancient Egypt. Frankly I’m surprised that this is on a network channel and not a cable one, given the amount of sex and blood in the trailer. Seems like something more fitting for HBO or STARZ. But nevertheless, whether it’s good or it sucks, I’ll be watching. Also, John Rhys-Davies is in it. So, that’s pretty cool.

The Last Man on Earth

Ok, I couldn’t even make it through the trailer for this. It’s about, you guessed it, the last man on earth and his apparently comedic quest to find another survivor of whatever killed everyone else. One guy. The whole series. Unless they’re using flashbacks, which they gave no indication of in the trailer. No way this becomes a hit.

Wayward Pines

I would totally watch this show…except that it’s produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Haven’t we had enough from him? Especially a town that’s cut off from the world by a giant wall? Give us something new, dude. Shame, though. It has an all star cast, including Melissa Leo, Juliette Lewis, Matt Dillon, and, somehow, Terrance Howard (I’m not entirely sure how he’s pulling off doing this and Empire, unless one films the entire season first). If it becomes a huge success, I’ll check it out, but I’m not holding my breath.

Weird Loners

Four characters who sound like they would drive me crazy trying to survive in the crazy world of love and relationships. Sounds like they’ll be largely unsuccessful at the task…and I suspect the show will follow suit.



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