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Midseason Check in: NBC, CBS, The CW

December 30, 2014

As the TV season turns from fall to spring, some shows have become huge successes, some have failed miserably, and others are just meandering along. Here are my midseason thoughts on the new shows of 2014-2015.


State of Affairs

It’s really too early to tell with this show. Katherine Heigl’s lead character isn’t particularly likeable, but there’s a procedural element to go along with the conspiracy element that might see this show find enough support for a second season. I only got through two episodes. The show focuses far too heavily on Heigl and not nearly enough on its other outstanding players: Aflre Woodard and James Remar.

Marry Me

I passed on the premise of this one, and it looks like America did too. Nothing official, but its future doesn’t look good.

The Mysteries of Laura

No one expected this to do well. Critics hated. I hated it. It looked awful. But it seems to be doing alright for NBC on Wednesday nights. I’ve heard from some people that it isn’t terrible, but it’s too early to call whether or not it’ll get a second season.

Bad Judge

This was one of the first to go, as I predicted.


I was really excited for this, but a really rocky pilot set the show off to a bad start. It got better with some restructuring and the replacement of a main character, but given that NBC is limiting the first season to 13 episodes, a second season is unlikely.

A to Z

I was initially apprehensive about this show, though excited about the cast, but my apprehension was dead on. The pilot was a dud for me, and it was canceled fairly quickly.

Of the eight shows slated for the spring, three will not be happening. Mission Control and Emerald City were scrapped altogether, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was sold to Netflix. Of the remaining five shows (Aquarius, Allegiance, One Big Happy, Mr. Robinson, Odyssey), the only one I’m excited about is Aquarius, which has no current release date, though I will be watching at least the pilot of One Big Happy out of LGBTQ obligation.

NBC also added two new shows to their lineup: AD, a follow up to the hit miniseries The Bible, and limited series The Slap, which sounds like it’s based on the play God of Carnage, so I may check that one out.

The only other show on NBC that I watch is The Blacklist, which is not as compelling in its second season, but is still one of the best shows on TV.


The CW

The Flash

As expected, this spin off from Arrow has been stellar from the start. There was only episode in the first half of the season that felt off to me, and the crossover between the two shows was epic and incredibly well done. The CW has another bona fide hit on their hands, and this show will be in my watchlist for as long as it runs (pun intended).

Speaking of Arrow, the show remains in my top three TV shows on the air right now, and will probably go down as one of my favorite shows of all time, especially with what they’ve been doing with season three. I am more excited for this show to return than any other.

Jane the Virgin

This show ended up being not for me. Originally, it sounded terrible to me, but the more buzz that surrounded it and the more previews I saw, the more interesting it looked. So I checked it out. It is certainly entertaining. But it sticks to its telenovela roots hardcore, and so there are far too many twists and ridiculous turns for me. For a brief time, it appeared as though its ratings would doom it to cancelation, but star Gina Rodriquez (who is really quite excellent) was nominated for a Golden Globe, so I think it will at least be around for a second season.

The Messengers and iZombie are still scheduled to premiere in the spring. I won’t be watching either, but I will be continuing to watch Supernatural, which looks as though it may go for season eleven, quite a feat for a CW show.



Madam Secretary

This is one of the best new shows of the season and quite a surprise for me. I didn’t think I’d be into it, but I eagerly anticipate this show every week.

The McCarthys

I was delightfully surprised by this show, as my expectations were low. However, ratings for it aren’t great, so I expect it won’t survive the season, especially since it wasn’t mentioned when the debut of The Odd Couple was announced.

NCIS: New Orleans

People love NCIS, so it’s no surprise that this version of it is doing well for CBS. With the impending end of CSI, look for this franchise to continue for a while.


There remains almost no buzz about this show. It was renewed for a full season, but it looks like it won’t continue after that.


I was really excited for this show, but extremely disappointed by the pilot. Somehow, though, it seems to be doing really well, so expect a second season.

CSI: Cyber, The Odd Couple, and Battle Creek will still be premiering in the spring, but I don’t actually expect any of them to do well.

In terms of shows on CBS I watch, The Big Bang Theory doesn’t seem as fun or funny to me as it did in previous seasons, which is a little surprising considering that it just got a 3 year pickup from the network. Similarly, Mom, while still delightfully funny, has had some very dark moments, and some very strange ones this season. I’m still watching, but I don’t love it as much the second time around.


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