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Midseason Check in: FOX and ABC

January 1, 2015

As the TV season turns from fall to spring, some shows have become huge successes, some have failed miserably, and others are just meandering along. Here are my midseason thoughts on the new shows of 2014-2015.



I was eagerly anticipating this show, but with some trepidation. But the pilot was fantastic, and the show has continued to be excellent, but for fans and for FOX. I expect this one will be around for at least a few seasons and I can’t wait.


I was so disappointed in this. Though I still haven’t seen Broadchurch, I just could not get into this show. It lacked good pacing, interesting characters, or a compelling story, which is disappointing on many levels. Others had the same reaction, and FOX has canceled the show.


I predicted failure, and I was right. It was one of the first to go.

Red Band Society

I took a pass on this show and I was right to. Though there was quite a lot of buzz about it, it has been canceled.


Another failure for FOX. As predicted.

Out of the seven shows slated for spring, five are continuing. There has been no press about the animated series Bordertown, and Heiroglyph was shut down, which is a shame: I was looking forward to that one. Of the five remaining, I’ll be skipping four: Backstrom, Wayward Pines, Weird Loners, and The Last Man on Earth. I am however looking forward to Empire more than almost any other spring show, and the buzz around it is already good.

As for shows I was already watching, I gave up on the 10th season of Bones, but I’m still enjoying The Mindy Project even though it’s hit or miss week to week. Chances are good for both shows to get renewed, though. Glee also returns for a shortened final season. The premise of the final season, a return to the high school, sounds wretched, so I’ll only be watching to see how it ends.



This is the channel that gets the most from me, so this is a big one.


I was really excited about this, but it wasn’t really doing it for me. Or for most people. It’s been canceled.

Manhattan Love Story

I knew from the trailer that this wouldn’t last, and I was right. It was the first to go.


I was intrigued by this one, and it kept me interested for a little bit, but ultimately I decided there wasn’t room for it on my schedule. It got a full season, but could go either way for a renewal or cancelation.


I went back and forth on this so many times. Premise: bad. Trailer: good. Pilot: Meh. But I stuck it out and now this is one of my favorite new comedies. Every week it is laugh out loud funny, and I expect that to continue.

How to Get Away with Murder

I can’t say enough good things about this show. It was probably the show I was most excited for in the fall, and it did not disappoint. It’s a short season, but I’m 100% positive it will see a second season.


It’s not the best comedy, but it’s pretty funny. It got a full season, and I’ll keep watching it until it gets renewed or canceled.

Galavant and Agent Carter premiere in January to bridge the hiatuses for Once Upon a Time and Agents of SHIELD, respectively, and I’m really excited for both. I’ll also be checking out Secrets and Lies. Still passing on American Crime, Fresh Off the Boat, The Astronaut Wives Club, and The Whispers.

In terms of returning shows, I’ve been meh on Once Upon a Time, disappointed in Revenge, and dropped Resurrection after one episode of season two. Sunday nights feel like obligation more than anything else at this point. Most other shows, however, continue to impress. Agents of SHIELD is doing great things, Scandal has redeemed itself from last season for me and I can’t wait for it every week, and Grey’s Anatomy has done enough good stuff to keep me satisfied.


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